Our organization, The Professional Woodworkers Guild of Upper New Jersey, is made up of professional and amateur woodworkers who want to establish and preserve a standard of excellence in the craft by sharing information, resources, and techniques.

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From Our Participants

“As a serious amateur woodworker, I find that having the ability to meet with professionals in the field helps to boost my own skill level. As well, the demonstrations that the Guild arranges at our monthly meetings provides even more opportunity to increase my skills. I find that the Guild members are a friendly group that I enjoy spending time with.”

Bart Goldberg

“Since I joined the Guild in 2001 it has proven to be not only an educational experience but a profitable one. Collaborating with other members and seeing how they set up for their shop has been invaluable. I have utilized them for their special skills—e.g., curved crown, veneer layups, CNC work—and they in turn have come to me for 32mm flat panel processing, edge-banding, CAD design. The biggest thing in LIFE is knowing that I don’t know it all yet!”

Thomas Casale
Thomas Charles Cabinetry
Cabinet Making for 35+ years

“I was a bit anxious at first about joining the Guild since woodworking is my passion and a great hobby, but ‘m not a professional. However, I was greeted with a warm welcome and I’ve learned a ton of stuff at these meetings. The Guild is a great bunch of guys and gals who are happy to share their knowledge with an open and collaborative spirit. It’s very interesting to visit wood shops around the area and see what tools and setups people have. I can honestly say I’ve learned something new at every meeting.”

Steve Owens

“I joined the Professional Woodworkers Guild in 2008 and quickly realized its professional and personal benefits to me. The meetings are both informative and relevant. I enjoy the ability to exchange wisdom with professionals and enthusiasts.”

Giacomo A. Cocchiara
Guild Treasurer since 2013
Owner, Creative Interiors Woodworking

“I’ve been a member of the Guild since moving my business and family to New Jersey in 2009. Being a member has helped me establish and grow my business as well as make new friends who share my passion for woodworking.”

Tyler C. Merson
Guild Secretary
See Tyler’s work: CodFish Park Design

“As a founding member of the Guild I have witnessed its evolution from day one to the present. It was established to create a forum wherein we could visit each others shops, discuss issues such as pricing, tools, employees, and vendors, as well as share our knowledge through seminars and demonstrations. As such it’s been an enriching experience for me and I’m certain many of the other members as well.”

David Pollak
Guild Vice President
See David’s work: Woodmasters